The benefits of carbon offsetting

Demonstrate action and impact on GHG emissions by immediately, effectively meeting a reduction target to differentiate from competitors, meet customer demand and enhance reputation.

Why should a company consider offsetting?

By carbon offsetting a business is able to demonstrate its action and commitment on reducing GHG emissions, beyond what can be achieved through internal reductions. 

Carbon offsetting is one of a range of tools which is crucial to the global requirement to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

By offsetting emissions, businesses are contributing carbon finance to essential low carbon sustainable development projects which would not otherwise be viable.  

There is a global requirement to keep global temperature rise to 2oc, or even 1.5oc.  Internal reductions by businesses and consumer behaviour change, though essential, will only achieve a small proportion of this goal.  In order to make significant impact on the global requirement and bridge that gap, carbon finance projects provide another tool to drive substantial change and deliver meaningful emission reductions in many parts of the world.

Many companies are realising the environmental and business benefits from using carbon offsetting to meet GHG reduction targets:

  • The most efficient way to reduce emissions beyond a certain point
  • An immediate and effective way to take action on climate change
  • Delivering critical finance to low carbon sustainable development around the world
  • A cost benchmark against which to measure the efficiency of all internal reduction opportunities
  • A driver of operational behavioural change to adopt energy efficient working practices
  • Presenting a climate change credential to customers that will drive revenue and to stakeholders that will enhance corporate reputation

Calculate and offset your carbon footprint

Whether you’re an individual or business, you can quickly and easily calculate the carbon footprint associated with your energy use, driving, flights or events, and offset your emissions to reduce your environmental impact.