Calculate and Offset your Emissions

Calculating and offsetting your carbon footprint offers an effective and immediate way to reduce your environmental impact.

Offsetting emissions enables a business to compensate for those emissions it can't reduce through internal programmes and deliver critical finance to low carbon sustainable development projects throughout the world.

Quality carbon offset projects must follow rigorous third party standards to show how emissions are being reduced.  

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What is carbon offsetting?

Offsetting is the process of compensating for emissions and supporting low carbon sustainable development through the purchase of carbon credits. Carbon credits are sourced from emission reduction projects that are verified to internationally recognised, independent standards. 

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Why offsetting?

Many companies are realising the environmental and business benefits of using offsetting as part of their GHG reduction programmes, including driving internal engagement and rapidly meeting stretching emission reduction targets.

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Project portfolio

Offset your emissions by supporting renewable energy generation through our Power Portfolio.  Health and Habitat Portfolios are available for companies selecting Carbon Neutral certification on the Hub.

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