Three Businesses Share Their Journey to Becoming Carbon Neutral

19 December 2016

Voluntary climate action is playing an increasingly important role in efforts to limit global warming to 1.5°C. As part of this, climate leading companies are setting and achieving stretching climate targets including becoming carbon neutral. During this one-hour webinar, three of our certified CarbonNeutral clients - Commercial Group, Fetzer Vineyards and CHEP - share their journey to net zero emissions and how it is driving value for their business.

View the webinar recording below to find out more.

Running order:

  • The evolution of carbon neutral and the benefits it brings to business - Jonathan Shopley, Managing Director, Natural Capital Partners
  • Commercial Group: an award-winning business services company based in the UK - Andrew McKenzie, Senior Sustainability Executive
  • Fetzer Vineyards: a sustainable pioneer in the wine industry from northern California - Josh Prigge, Director of Regenerative Development
  • CHEP: Iñigo Canalejo Lasarte, Director, Sustainability - Europe, Africa, India & Middle East