Project Portfolios

After calculating the carbon footprint of your company, business travel or event, you will need to select a project portfolio to offset your emissions and achieve CarbonNeutral certification.

Power Portfolio

Support the generation of renewable energy around the world

Health Portfolio

Support improved health and well-being for low-income communities

Habitat Portfolio

Support the protection and restoration of global biodiversity

Power Portfolio - 100% renewable energy

The renewable energy projects in this portfolio, located primarily in India and China, are vital to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the growing global demand for energy.

Energy generation is one of the biggest emitters of greenhouse gases, and renewable energy investment is a fast and effective solution to reduce these emissions.

Carbon finance, delivered by companies who offset their emissions, provides essential funds to support the development of global renewable projects such as solar and wind farms.

Sustainable development benefits

The projects in this portfolio deliver other key sustainable development benefits:

  • SDG 7, affordable and clean energy: Contribute to increasing the share of renewable energy in the global energy mix. Clean electricity generated by these projects displaces electricity which would otherwise be powered by fossil fuels
  • SDG 8, decent work and economic growth: Contribute to the local economy and livelihood of residents through the creation of jobs. These include full-time maintenance and operational roles, and temporary roles during planning and construction
  • SDG 9, industry development and innovation: Support the development of sustainable and resilient energy infrastructure. Often local road infrastructure is also improved to aid site access
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Health Portfolio - 100% health and well-being

This portfolio includes fuel-efficient cookstove and water access projects. Located in less economically developed countries such as Guatemala and India, these projects are helping to improve household health and well-being by providing access to clean drinking water and safer cooking methods.

Globally, millions of people remain without access to basic amenities such as electricity and clean drinking water, meaning households must travel long distances to collect fuelwood and water. Drinking from unsafe water sources and burning solid fuels causes water-borne and respiratory diseases, leading to millions of premature deaths each year.

Carbon finance, delivered by companies who offset their emissions, provides essential funds for the distribution of improved cookstoves and clean water technologies which improves livelihoods. 

Sustainable development benefits

The projects in this portfolio deliver several key sustainable development benefits:

  • SDG 3, good health and well-being: Distributing fuel-efficient cookstoves improves the health and well-being of households through reduced indoor air pollution
  • SDG 6, clean water and sanitation: Distributing water filters and repairing broken boreholes provides access to clean, safe drinking water
  • SDG 5, gender equality: As less time is spent on fuel / water collection and cooking, women have more time to spend with family and on income generating activities
  • SDG 1, no poverty: Fuel-efficient cookstoves lead to a reduction in household fuel expenditure. With more time available, women can also support income generation
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Habitat Portfolio - 100% biodiversity

This portfolio includes avoided deforestation (REDD+) and reforestation projects. Located primarily in the Southern hemisphere, including Indonesia, Brazil and Malawi, these projects are vital to help protect and restore the world’s rich biodiversity.

Deforestation and degradation directly contributes to 10-15% of global greenhouse gas emissions, and reduces the capacity of forests to sequester carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Carbon finance, delivered by companies who offset their emissions, provides essential funds to support forest communities build sustainable livelihoods and protect the ecosystem services upon which we all depend. 

Sustainable development benefits

The projects in this portfolio deliver a number of sustainable development benefits:

  • SDG 15, life on land: Promote sustainable land use practices and tree planting activity to improve soil fertility and reduce erosion, and work with communities to secure land ownership, promoting a long-term view to land management that avoids slash and burn practices
  • SDG 2, zero hunger: Improve food security through training on conservation farming techniques to improve the quality and productivity of land and increase crop yields. A diversification of food supply is encouraged, with training and best practice sharing on alternative crops, livestock rearing, and planting fruit and nut trees
  • SDG 1, no poverty: Provide training on alterative income generating activities to improve and diversify income and reduce dependence on extractive activities e.g. bee keeping for honey production, production of cash crops such as vanilla, cloves, raffia and cacao
  • SDG 8, decent work and economic growth: Support communities to strengthen business capacity and financial security through micro-enterprise programmes and cooperatives, including developing routes to market to ensure fair and full payment
  • SDG 4, quality education: Empower and equip communities with the necessary skills to conserve their local forests and provide additional study groups and educational youth club programmes to raise awareness on the importance of forest protection
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Why should I choose this portfolio?

Contributes to a broad range of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), extending your impact well beyond emission reductions

Rich project activities and impact offer a multi-layered, engaging story to communicate to your stakeholders

Enables your company to take action on a global climate change issue and support communities most affected by its impacts while meeting your emission reduction goal