Assuring the quality of your carbon neutral programme

CarbonNeutral® is a certification mark which provides assurance that a company has measured and reduced its emissions to zero using offsetting in line with The CarbonNeutral Protocol – the global standard for carbon neutral programmes.

What does it mean to be CarbonNeutral® certified?

Awarded by a third-party, CarbonNeutral certification provides assurance that a company’s carbon neutral claim is robust and credible.

The Climate Action Hub provides three types of certification to suit your different business goals: Company, Business travel, Event. If you would like to certify something else, please contact us.

​Choose your certification



Calculate and offset all emissions associated with the operations of your business (Scopes 1, 2 and 3) to net zero to achieve CarbonNeutral® company certification.

Your carbon footprint assessment and certification will cover company emissions from owned and leased sites, company vehicles, business travel, waste, purchased electricity / heat, and product distribution for one year.

Business Travel

Business Travel

Calculate and offset the emissions associated with your company’s business travel and hotel stays to net zero to achieve CarbonNeutral® business travel certification.

Your carbon footprint assessment and certification will covers all business travel emissions for one year.



Calculate and offset the emissions associated with attendee travel, accommodation, energy consumption and waste to net zero to achieve CarbonNeutral® event certification.

You can complete a carbon footprint assessment for one or more events at a time, and the certification will cover the duration of that event(s). Each new event must go through the assessment process to achieve CarbonNeutral certification.

CarbonNeutral® is a trademark of Natural Capital Partners.

The CarbonNeutral Protocol

The CarbonNeutral Protocol was first launched in 2002 and is the leading framework for achieving carbon neutrality, used by businesses throughout the world. Natural Capital Partners is responsible for the development and oversight of the Protocol.

The Protocol lays out the requirements to achieve CarbonNeutral® certification for products, services or entire operations, and is used by hundreds of businesses around the world to ensure their carbon neutral claims are credible and robust.

The CarbonNeutral Protocol is revised every year in accordance with the latest scientific, environmental and business best practice. It includes:

  • Requirements for GHG assessments
  • Emission reduction planning
  • Eligibility of carbon credits and other environmental instruments
  • Management of other environmental instruments through registration and retirement
  • Communication of CarbonNeutral programmes

Benefits of CarbonNeutral certification

CarbonNeutral certification will demonstrate your commitment to, and achievement of, an impactful, credible GHG emission reduction goal. The certification is underpinned by The CarbonNeutral Protocol which guarantees the integrity and quality of carbon neutral programmes and ensures your stakeholders will be confident of your company’s action.

CarbonNeutral certification can help you to:

  • Build revenue and increase market share by differentiating with a powerful statement of environmental credentials
  • Promote an understanding of your company’s commitment to carbon reductions, helping engage staff to reduce costs through operational and behavioural changes
  • Build reputation and increase customer loyalty through effective communication of impactful action
  • Engage staff and attract new talent with a compelling corporate responsibility programme
  • Maintain shareholder value by demonstrating robust climate change risk management

Become CarbonNeutral now

Used by clients all over the world, CarbonNeutral certification makes a clear and credible statement about the leading action a business has taken on climate change.