Measure, Offset and Certify as CarbonNeutral®

CarbonNeutral certification makes a clear, credible statement about business leadership on climate change.

The accuracy and transparency of claims is increasingly important to protect business reputation and deliver value. Displaying the CarbonNeutral certification mark clearly demonstrates that a business has met its target for getting to zero emissions using carbon offsets. Such action is used to demonstrate leadership, differentiate from competitors, meet customer demand and engage stakeholders. Explore the links below to find out more, or get started now.

What is carbon neutrality?

Supporting low carbon sustainable development through offsetting emissions and using renewable energy certificates delivers an effective, immediate way for businesses to achieve emissions targets and support the global move to a low carbon economy.

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CarbonNeutral certification

Third-party certification guarantees the integrity and quality of your carbon neutral programme. You can choose to certify your company, business travel or event.

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Project portfolios

Support renewable energy generation, improve community health and well-being, protect biodiversity – you can choose which portfolio you support to meet your carbon neutral goal.

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Case studies

Hear from some of our clients on their carbon neutral journey and how CarbonNeutral certification is delivering value to their business.

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