Calculate and Offset Your Carbon Footprint. Achieve CarbonNeutral® Certification.

For business use Become CarbonNeutral certified


Achieve CarbonNeutral® company certification by measuring and offsetting all emissions from the operations of your business.

Business Travel

Achieve CarbonNeutral® business travel certification by measuring and offsetting the emissions from your company’s business travel and hotel stays.


Achieve CarbonNeutral® event certification by measuring and offsetting the emissions from the travel, accommodation, energy use and waste of your event.

For business and personal use

Simply Offset

Measure and offset your emissions.

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Making climate action easy: An interactive online tool for our small business community

We appreciate that for many small businesses, addressing your environmental impact can be time-consuming and costly.

Our new online tool offers a quick and cost-effective way to measure and offset your carbon footprint, so you can show your leadership and differentiate from competitors.

Through the Climate Action Hub you can:

1) Become certified CarbonNeutral® 

2) Simply measure and offset your carbon emissions

Become CarbonNeutral or simply offset? We'll help you choose

Compare the options.

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“We are keen to minimise our impact on the environment as far as possible, and provide a clear statement of action to our clients - CarbonNeutral® company certification ticked both boxes."

Esther Pellow, Corporate Social Responsibility Manager at Jones Facilities Management